Basics Of A Merchant Account

With the tables turning in the business world, many business activities today happen on online platforms. For that matter, as an online business person, you need an account that facilitates your banking needs in the online arena. Merchant accounts are types of bank accounts that allow businesses to process various forms of payments, particularly credit cards and debit cards, and are essential for online businesses. 

Per transaction fees 

In merchant accounts, every time a business person processes the credit card of a customer, the service provider charges a standard transaction fee. i.e. the merchant account provider. Usually, for businesses likely to process a lot of customer’s credit cards, they are advised to seek the services of providers who offer transaction fees at lower rates. 

While ‘per transaction fees’ get set by the payment company, e.g., MasterCard or Visa, most of the time the number of transaction fees gets determined by the service provider. 

Processing date 

Another important feature in a merchant account is the processing date. The date which the merchant processes the customer’s credit card physically or online is an essential element in merchant account services. By processing the card, the merchant can ascertain that the card is valid or belongs to the customer and verify if the card still works. After verification of the card, the card gets passed through electric systems for authentication and authorization to find out if the customer has enough money to complete the purchase. The transaction then either gets declined or approved. 

Merchant banks 

For many businesses doing businesses online with international links, merchant banks provide the best banking services. With a specialty in dealing with mostly international finances, these banks provide the best avenue for international trade. While they may perform some similar services to investment banks, merchant banks do not offer regular banking services to the general public. One of the primary roles of merchant banks includes financing large corporations conducting businesses internationally. For example, a company is based in the United States but decides to acquire a supplier located in Europe.

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