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Our clients come from all industries- each with a different circumstance and a different set of goals. We are fortunate to be able to offer custom solutions that truly grow with the business.

Here are some of the experiences our clients were kind enough to share:


Custom Backend for All Locations 

AT&T franchisee who provides cellular technology to customers through their retail locations.  This Franchisee owned over 40 locations and needed to centralize their payment reporting along with a seamless onboarding process for new locations.  

Solution Benefit:

  • Centralized all 40 locations under one account allowing better management and oversight of each operation.  
  • Fully integrated Gateway with current Point of Sale technology
  • Updated counter top terminals that are EMV capable 
  • Streamlined on boarding process for new locations 
  • Reduced payment processing fee’s 
  • One Dedicated relationship manager for all locations to call
  • Created custom backend for ownership to log in and board and manage accounts with their team.


AT&T is a worldwide company that has many standards that must be met by all service providers.  This ownership group has saved time and money on the boarding and management of their locations. Merchant Tree Successfully integrated to all their existing technology so no added costs where necessary.  Merchant Tree drastically reduced their processing rates by consolidating all locations under one roof.  Our team successful created a portal for ownership to log into and enable them to board directly through them with us handling everything on the backend.  Our team also updated all software and terminals to be EMV capable and PCI compliant.

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Aqua Tots

Automated Billing – Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs with Automated Billing

Introduction – Client since 2014 - Aqua Tots was in the process of switching all their franchisees to a new POS software company.  Aqua Tots was also on a very tight schedule to get this done within two months’ time and was running into multiple issues. Some issues ranging from transferring customer profiles to gateway integration with Point of Sale company. 

Solution Benefit:

  • Existing database of clients converted over to new gateway within timeline 
  • Streamlined there onboarding process of new franchisees
  • Created online registration for new franchisees
  • Custom reporting and analysis for each franchisee
  • Successful integration with a new partner software platform
  • One contact for Payment and Gateway solutions saving time and money 
  • Created custom interface for POS company to log in direct for expedited on Boarding process
  • Updated Security Standards with EMV payment equipment and PCI compliance standards
  • Updated payment terminals at no cost for each franchisee
  • Reduced or eliminated all cancellation fees associated with old vendors


Merchant Tree team implemented a custom strategy to stream line the on boarding process of Aqua Tots new and existing franchisee’s.  Our team setup an online registration form for franchisees to go to and fill out simple information form to get their payments and Point of Sale set up. Also, our CEO himself negotiated existing contracts and cancellation fee’s with old vendors on behalf of Aqua Tots. The result was thousands of dollars saved on top of the savings associated from switching to Merchant Tree. 

In Addition, Merchant Tree team created the POS company a custom backend for them to expedite they’re on boarding process for the Aqua Tots Franchisee’s. The result was franchisees were able to contact one company rather than three to get their payment systems up and running.

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