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Is it a merchant that grows large like a tree, or a tree that grows more merchants like branches?

One thing’s for sure, Merchant Tree is definitely here to grow your business!

The whole point of having a merchant account is that it facilitates the complex interactions that play a big part of the everyday business process, such as, a brand’s interaction between their customer, their credit card networks, and the merchant payment processor whenever receiving an online payment is involved. 

Merchant Tree is the premier merchant payment gateway and POS system solution, which is proud to have helped countless clients within the US and abroad when it comes to providing them a reliable, safe and affordable solution to all of their card processing woes. Our company is made of experts in the credit card processing and POS system field. With years of experience under our belt, Merchant Tree is in the perfect position to provide our clients with the best and most sufficient mobile credit card processing and online payment processing services that are reliable and affordable. We also create robust and reliable POS solutions, ensuring that our clients are able to keep up with their competitors, and remain ahead of the curve when it comes to payment gateway and POS solutions.

We Service Businesses of All Sizes in Any Industry

What sets Merchant Tree apart from the rest in the payment services industry is that we have serviced every type of business from startups and SMEs to large and well established corporations. Being in the payment services industry for so long, we are aware that merchant services is an ever changing and complex industry, with new rules and regulations being rolled out by governments each year. 

The team of experts at Merchant Tree consists of seasoned professionals who have spent their entire lives providing top notch credit card processing solutions to businesses of all sizes and all kinds. This has enabled us to build lasting relationships with the largest banks and credit card companies within the US and internationally, enabling us to offer you the top notch card processing service you brand deserves. In this way, Merchant Tree is able to provide reliable credit card processing services at the best prices while staying in compliance with the rules and regulations that have been set by the local and Federal governing bodies. 

We have spent thousands of hours analyzing, creating, reprogramming and installing secure credit card systems that are reliable and custom made according to a company’s requirements. In this way Merchant Tree is able to provide a service that’s unmatched in the payment services industry.

We Tailor Systems to Support Your Business, Your Budget and Your Goals


All you need to do in order to begin is fill a simple online application, and our payment services and POS system experts will contact you shortly.


Our experts will carefully evaluate your business and its individual needs to make sure that you can get a unique credit card terminal or POS system that fits your business model perfectly.


Our innovative merchant account services are renowned for its fast approvals. This allows businesses that are in urgent need of new merchant accounts or to replace their old ones the peace of mind that their merchant account applications will get approved in no time so that they can get on with business as usual!


More importantly, Merchant Tree offers merchant accounts and POS system solutions at surprisingly affordable rates since we have enjoyed long and fruitful relationships with the largest credit card providers and banks in the country and abroad. This allows us to provide our merchant services at incredible rates you won’t find any place else.

We Are Just A Phone Call Away

Merchant Tree is your one-stop-shop for full-service merchant solutions right at your door step. To find out more, please feel free to contact us or call us at (800) 610-3922 today!