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Merchant Processing Services That Help Your Business Grow

Specializing in Small Businesses, Start-Ups, and Franchises

Move over Square, PayPal, and Intuit there's a better way to process transactions! With Merchant Tree payment processing services for small businesses, start-ups, and franchises, not only do you get a seamless interface for processing payment transactions of any kind; you get an operational support team that can actually help grow your business.

Next Day Deposits, Merchant Tree Pricing

Other payment processing services hold your payments and refunds before they become available to you. Not Merchant Tree. You earned that payment; it should be available for you to use right away. You batch transactions at night; they are yours the next day. Also, we don't nickel and dime you with hidden fees. Your invoices are easy to read. You'll get a monthly fee plus a transaction fee. That's it. No markups, and no ancillary fees to deplete your bottom line.

We Make it Easy to Get Started

We encourage you to compare us to your current processor so that you can see the difference. We eliminate statement fees, batch fees, reporting fees, non-qualified fees, termination fees, and dozens of other unnecessary fees. We are so confident in our service and savings that we don't require commitments of any sort, including no contracts and no sign up fees.

Step 1:

Complete the Merchant Processing Application form.

Step 2:

Verify & Sign E-sign your enrollment document via email.

Step 3:

Start Saving Receive your Merchant Account & Start Saving Money!

How Does Your Current Provider Compare?

Service Features Merchant Tree Others
0% Markup
Free Equipment
Full Service
No Ancillary Fees
Next Day Funding
No Contract
Analytics, Dashboard & Tools

Merchant Tree provides every client live 24/7 U.S. based customer service and tech support!