Mobile Credit Card Payment Processing  

Mobile Credit Card Payment Processing

Mobile card readers and payment processing are critical in many commercial and restaurant environments. If you take your goods to fairs, for instance, you need the ability to take payment safely in the middle of nowhere. Food truck owners with a busy route must be able to swipe cards all over the city.

Packed atmospheres such as hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, trade shows or any other environment/event may also require servers, managers of business owners who can mobilize their payment processing system. The customer can’t always come to you, so you need the ability to go to them with mobile credit card processing.

We can help.

Mobile Card Readers and Functionality from Merchant Tree

A POS home base is the traditional model for many shops, restaurants and hotels. But not all industries or small businesses are alike, and while you may even utilize this method, you might also need the ability to go mobile at any time. That’s where our mobile card readers come in, enabling you to accept payments anytime and anywhere from your smart phone or tablet.

Our mobile credit card payment processing functionally brings a raft of benefits to your business immediately. Consider:

  • Widespread integration with other point of sale systems
  • Cash sales, tax and tip functions all rolled into your mobile payment system
  • Multiple devices all working together to support your business’s mobile payment collection process
  • Ability to use a smartphone or tablet and a countertop station all at once
  • Security and fraud prevention built in
  • Data encryption for all swiped transactions
  • Complete customer support 24/7
  • Online reporting, allowing you to track transactions, remain in compliance and improve your decision-making
  • Account access via mobile or PC at all hours of the day or night

As if that weren’t enough, Merchant Tree pairs our mobile credit card payment processing hardware with top-of-the-line software that integrates with a variety of payment gateways, apps and marketing tools. Never again will you have to wonder how to give your business the functionality it requires. The ultimate solution is here.

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